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About Exclusive Condominium Management

Noticing the need for professional, comprehensive and credentialed management of community associations in the Rockford area, our founder decided to focus solely in managing these unique communities.  Starting with education and obtaining credentials, our founder broke away from a real estate company that included all aspects of property management and founded Exclusive Condominium Management LLC. 

After careful assessment of every aspect of association management, operational and policy procedures and systems were developed to best serve our communities.  This ensures that all of our managers offer consistency to each association they serve and, in situations in which a manager is not available, one of our other managers can easily step in and fulfill the needs of the association.  ECM also utilizes a state-of-the-art software program that was developed for association management only, not a program developed for rental/tenant management. 

Exclusive Condominium Management LLC draws upon the expertise and experience of a premier law firm that specializes in real estate services, especially condominium law. One of the partners is recognized as an expert in condominium law. This firm represents the Rockford Area Association of Realtors and has been in business since 1976. 

ECM makes every effort to be the leader in association management in the Rockford area by providing the highest quality service and creating long-term relationships with our clients.  No matter what your community’s needs, ECM’s professionals will assist you in having a strong and stable association, so that you can enjoy your number one investment: your home.