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Exclusive Condominium Management LLC is dedicated to providing the highest quality service to our managed associations.  Our services cover all aspects of management to assist your association to be financially sound, well maintained and in compliance with state and local laws as well as your association’s governing documents.  The following highlights our services; as such, our services may not be limited to these items only. 

Full Service Management
Financial Services Only
A la Carte

Full Service Management

  • Financial Services
  • Oversee the Day-to-Day Operations of Association
  • On-Site Visits and Inspections
  • Contract with Vendors
  • Oversee bidding procedures for major maintenance projects.
  • Maintain Records of Association
    • Minutes
    • Association Agreements
    • Accounting & Financial Records
    • Correspondence, notices, etc.
  • Handing of Membership Notices and Communications
  • Resale Documentation
  • Attendance at your quarterly board meetings and one annual meeting.
  • Compliance with Association Rules & Regulations
  • Monthly Management Report
  • Receive and respond to Maintenance Requests, Complaints and other Communications.

Financial Services Only

  • Collection of Assessments &Fees
  • Delinquency Notices
  • Payment of Association’s Obligations
  • Separate Checking Account for Association
  • Monthly Reports to Board
    • Balance Sheet
    • Operating Statement
    • Disbursement Summary
    • Accounts Receivable Status
  • Assistance with Budget Preparation

A la Carte

  • Our services can be customized to fit your association’s needs.


Consultation services are available to self-managed associations and developers.  Some of the services are:  to assist with the transition of association from developer to homeowners process; initial set-up of association’s procedures; major projects; annual meeting procedures; development of rules and regulations; and, other special projects. 

Contact us to learn more about we can do for your association.